Today I’m going to talk to you about how a wedding website can save you time and money.

So when you’re creating your wedding invitations, typically what kinds of things do you have to write? You’ve got your venue directions, you’ve got RSVP info, gift registry details, the dress code, wedding hashtag, the list goes on. When you’re doing that for your invitations, you’re typically going to have to create separate cards, which is going to cost you a lot of money, especially if you’re getting nice fancy invites. The new way of doing things, which a lot of couples seem to be doing now and I think is a good idea, is a wedding website. The advantages of that is so you create a website, custom designed website which has all the information you need to provide for your guests.

So for example, the RSVP details, but not just the details to RSVP, you can actually put a form on the website so you can get an email as soon as someone replies. You can have your links to your bridal registry directly to your chosen registry website, so guests can easily purchase gifts for you. Also, useful articles you can link to. For example, for a lot of the Indian weddings that I do, I’ve created some articles about what to expect in a Hindu wedding, different traditions and things. What kind of dress codes, what can you expect to wear. If you’ve never been to a cultural wedding, what you should wear, all that kind of stuff. So you can link your guests to useful articles around the web, which is really handy.

Also, you can have bios of yourselves. So you can have a little write up, how you met, your love story, little pictures of you guys being all cute. If you’re doing a pre-wedding or an engagement shoot, you can include those images. You can update as you do the shoot. You can update your website with those images so guests can flick through those photos and get excited for the wedding. Also, you can link to things like the maps for your venues. Rather than just having a static map on an invitation, you can actually put a link to a Google map so guests can actually put directions from their house, how to get there, which is super handy. Send it to their phone so they can just get straight to the venue easily. Parking details, all that kind of stuff.

And one big advantage of having a wedding website is you can update it dynamically. So as you get closer to the wedding you might have more information to give to guests. You can just keep updating the website. There’s an invitation, they’ve got what they got. They might have to email you or call you to get more details. So if you have the wedding website, you can easily have one place for them and they can visit that at any time and they can see updated information. Also, after the wedding you can include links to your wedding photos so it can live on after the wedding, the wedding website. You can link to the gallery and write a thank you to your guests, all that kind of stuff.

So it’s a really nice one stop shop. And then so with your wedding invitations now all you need to do is include a link to your website address and that’s it. It can say, “For more information about our wedding, please go to this website.” And send them off to the site and then your invitations can be nice and clean. It will save you time writing out and styling up all the invitations, save you money because you’re not printing multiple cards off and you can have a nice clean, simple wedding invitation. In terms of where to get your wedding websites done, like how do you get started on one of these?

You obviously don’t want to create one from scratch because that’s going to take forever, unless you know the skills. There are tons of websites out there. You can just Google, “Wedding website templates,” or something like that. There’s plenty of websites out there that offer it. We do offer them as an add-on for our packages, so we’re happy to create them. But certainly there’s plenty of places that you can do it very inexpensively on the web. Sometimes I have a subscription per month or something like that, or a one-off fee. Either way, there’s heaps of options, there’s heaps of templates. You can just customize it. There’s ready made ones, which look beautiful out of the box, so you can do that.