Immaculately tended gardens, sweeping staircases, and -yes- a castle. What more could you ask for in a Sydney wedding venue? Navarra Venues Curzon Hall is one of my favourite Sydney wedding venues photography, for it’s huge variety of areas we can shoot in, no matter what time of day and no matter how badly our Sydney weather is behaving. Coincidentally I also had my wedding reception there – so I guess you can say it’s pretty special to me 🙂

In the daytime you can wander the immaculate gardens to get some gorgeous wedding photos in amongst the greenery, and by night the whole venue is tastefully lit so you can get some amazing wedding or reception photos at the front, by the rotunda, and even in the garden in the back.

Curzon Hall also features a grand staircase indoors which lends itself to very romantic, dramatic photos (not to mention the wet-weather convenience). I often grab my couples at some point during their wedding reception for 10 minutes of night photos which are perfect for the last few spreads of their wedding album.

It’s a super versatile venue in terms of guest numbers; we’ve photographed intimate civil ceremonies, Buddhist/Poruwa weddings and large Hindu weddings there. It’s original stone facade is also perfectly complemented by classic cars like vintage Rolls Royces and Jaguars.

Navarra Venues Curzon Hall has several rooms of varying sizes and can cater from smaller parties to very large groups (such as cultural weddings – Indian, Lebanese and so on). We have photographed weddings pretty much everywhere at Curzon Hall:

  • the gazebo at the front
  • the eternal garden at the back for a garden wedding ceremony
  • inside at Lady Mary’s Pavilion
  • in the enchanted garden to the right of the main castle
  • in the Banquet Room

Curzon Hall Wedding PhotoCurzon Hall Wedding Photo Curzon Hall Wedding Photo Curzon Hall Wedding Photo

Here are some more of my favourite Curzon Hall wedding photos.