Fiji Wedding – R and R

February 20, 2009

For months I’d been losing sleep planning and preparing. Sydney couple R and R had asked us to fly up and cover their Indian wedding in Fiji. Following a few days of ceremonies and functions at their respective houses, we drove along the flood-damaged main road to Denarau island. The recently-finished Hilton stood right at the edge of the water, presenting broad, sweeping views of Fiji and the islands.

The restaurant where the wedding was held – this was the first time they’d hosted an Indian wedding and I think they did an exemplary job:

R arriving on a little buggy – very cute (and what a backdrop):

Thanks guys for all your hospitality and friendship over the week. It was a truly unforgettable experience and I’m humbled to have been there to capture all these special moments for you.


Nice post.Colour composition is very good….Thank you for sharing this with us.

Very Beautiful pics and awesome photography!!!

Jay ho Jay ,Well done ,exellent work

You truly are a professional photographer. Bravo!

I love these photos! This is my dream wedding. The bride and groom look stunning!!

Stumbled on the site by mistake! What a stunning couple. The photography is so vivid, colourful and magic!

What beautiful photos. I am currently on a photography course at uni and photographing Indian weddings is an ambition of mine.I hope i can do as good a job as this. FAB !!!

What stunning photos. Such a pleasure to view. (sorry if I intruded … I stumbled across this website somehow 🙂